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A Complete Guide to Making Your Free Dating UK Experience a Huge Success

Feb 26, 2017

A Complete Guide to Making Your Free Dating UK Experience a Huge Success


The online free dating UK platform can be an exciting way of meeting other singles. However, some individuals can find the experience really overwhelming. With so many singles who can be contacted instantaneously, it might become quite challenging to know the best way to make contact and attract attention. The fact that there are several myths about online dating, which in many cases are curiously propagated by people who have never dated online, never helps matters either. One needs to be able to debunk some of these myths in order to attain the much desired success in online dating.


Two Major Myths about Online Dating


Two Major Myths about Online Dating in UK


The main danger of opting for online dating, before debunking these major myths about the exercise is that; you may end up not taking it seriously or even feeling some tinge of guilt about it. This will definitely spoil the party.


  1. That most of the online daters are Desperate or villains


The fact that you have signed up for an free online dating site makes it very clear to the entire world that you are either looking for love or a great date. As much as this should depict you as one who knows what he or she clearly wants, it might also lead other people to believe that you might be desperate. Such people think that tagging yourself as “AVAILABLE” out there is akin to peddling your lonely self in the marketplace, hoping to find love. They come from the traditional school of thought that believes love happens magically, like in the movies and fairy tales! However, nothing can be further from the truth.

A big number of people who choose the online platform to access completely free dating services don’t do it as a last resort. Not that they don’t have options in their social circles or even at their workplaces, to an extent that they desperately want to meet someone, anyone, to date. There is always a well thought out move to finally find the partner of their dreams, by casting their net wider. Since technology has made things easier, an online platform can easily take them to several places where they meet many interesting new people; a feat that is impossible to physically execute within a short period of time. It is all about increasing the options, by removing any limitations of who you can meet, as well as raising the bar.

Knowing what you want and going for it doesn’t, by any means, make you desperate. If indeed love happens magically, the magic is even more interesting in the digital world. Who said that fairy tales cannot be digital? The beauty of free Dating online is that you never know the prospective match that you are going to meet. There is some mysterious adventurous spirit attached to this, making it even more exhilarating. It also makes it easier to approach people that you wouldn’t have the guts to approach physically


  1. Online dating is akin to dating at a bar


There is a world of difference between hooking up in a bar and totally free online dating sites UK. In a bar things might not be as organized as they tend to be online. The fact that you can do online dating from the comfort of your home ensures that you are in your most comfortable clothes (nobody is scrutinizing your dress taste); you would probably be sunken in your favorite couch with a glass of wine at an arm’s length; you don’t have to wear makeup or any fake appearances; most importantly, you are able to contact several men or women and can afford to be specific about who you are and what you are looking for, and choose who to meet physically. The unpredictability of going to meet someone you have never met before makes it even more interesting.

On the other hand taking your dating to the bar is a different kettle of fish altogether. You have to be dressed to the nines and ensure that you look your best. You don’t have the advantage of knowing some background information about your prospective date before you make your first move. Physical attraction is all you can bank on. Some of the bars are too loud to even allow you to have any meaningful conversation about your interests and hobbies and the first time nervousness might make it difficult to establish whether there is chemistry or not. Very many people might also be too shy or nervous to make a move. Perhaps the worst of all is the possibility of making wrong judgments, especially if you are under the influence of alcohol.


Essential Tips to Help You Make the Online Dating Experience a Success


A Complete Guide to Making Your Free Dating UK Experience a Huge Success


Just like in any important venture, to be successful in your free dating online mission, you need to be equipped with enough tips on how to go about it. Here are five of the most helpful shortcuts that can guarantee you a better and more gratifying experience.


You must not write a long colorful essay in order to get a desirable reply. Given that you might need to contact several people in a day, being too wordy may really drain your energy as well as your motivation. If your target respondent is “hot cake,” they may not even have enough time to read long essays from you. Therefore, the shorter your messages are the better. Make them utmost 3 to 4 lines, so long as you include something fun, as well as appealing and different, to prove that you are the right match. Joke about something they have written, comment on their photo or even ask a logical question.


You definitely won’t have enough time to read every single detail in the profiles of hundreds of interesting people in a most popular dating online forums. Looking at key areas in order to find things that you have in common or anything you can comment on will save you lots of time. Also, be on the lookout for any reasons that might make you incompatible, since you only need to contact suitable matches. Once you have made the first contact and you are chatting, you will have all the time to go through all the details of their profiles.


Doing any of the two ensures that your target gets an instant notification. Most of the people are likely to check your profile immediately so as to know more about you. Therefore, having a catchy profile with a fetching photo is likely to generate interest. Standing out of the crowd is the secret here.


There is no doubt that, just like anything fun, completely free dating can turn out to be addictive. It is obvious that the more time you put into it the more the dates you are likely to attract. But this doesn’t mean that you have to spend more time than necessary on it. Setting your own time limit of one week or so whereby you ensure that you avoid logging into your account or checking messages in your inbox. You can write in your profile that you are away in order to clear the air. You can use your breaks to reconnect with your family and friends that you might have most probably been neglecting, as well as get anything that you have been putting off done. When you come back, you will be refreshed and able to make better judgments.


This is the most obvious thing that many singles forget. The main purpose of totally free online dating sites uk platforms is to eventually enable you to meet physically in the real world. Instead of spending hours, days and weeks chatting online, you can save your conversations for the first real date.

Equipping yourself with all the aforementioned tips will definitely equip you well and make it easy to navigate the complex labyrinth that online dating platforms are.