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Best London Dating Site Free Tips on the Cause of First-Date Nerves

Mar 1, 2018

Best London Dating Site Free Tips on the Cause of First-Date Nerves


How we feel each time we are about to go for a first date is determined by a number of factors. We all normally have some vague idea about our suitability to each other before that first meeting and the budding feeling about your date are likely to become quite overwhelming. This, often makes many Londoners scour through the internet in search of a reliable London dating site free for advice. However, some individuals are likely to adopt a carefree attitude, finding solace in the fact that if it doesn’t go well, chances of seeing each other again are quite minimal.


What Might Be The Cause First-Date Nerves For Most Singles In London?


Sometimes our first date nerves emanate from our high expectations. This is especially when you have a feeling that the person you are about to meet could be long-term relationship material and hence there is much more at stake. However, this might purely depend on the state one is in emotionally. For people who have just come out of a long-term relationship and are not keen on something serious so soon, they can afford to be a little bit more relaxed. However, for those singles in London who might have been single for long and are out to get the love of their lives, first date nerves are quite likely to set in and it is quite normal.

But perhaps the most influential factor on how one feels when a first date is approaching depends on individual personalities and personal outlooks in life. Our unique personalities are partly shaped by our genetic makeup and partly by our different upbringing in various environments. If you are an extrovert, you will always be looking forward to meeting new people. On the other hand, introverts will be a bit nervous when meeting people for the first time. Our unique personalities definitely shape our thoughts, feelings and reactions towards specific social situations and any stressful moments. Some individuals don’t even regard first dates as being stressful events at all.


It Is Not Only Women Who Get Nervous On Their First London Singles Meetup


Most men will act all macho and want all and sundry to believe that dating is always a walk in the park for them. However, as much as most men would want to depict dating as fun and behave as if nothing bothers them when they are going for their first london singles meetup, almost all of them can agree that it is more of a chore than pure fun. For it to be truly successful, some work has to go into it. Therefore, we can safely say that dating is actually a means to an end and a great deal of men, if they were to be honest, would admit that it is something they tolerate out of obligation than enjoying it.

This is not to say that there aren’t those special moments when the sparks of love ignite fireworks, making your date worthwhile, even though such moments might breed some anxiety for ladies. However, the plain truth is; as much as they may not easily show it, men are also always anxious on their first dates. Some of the reasons that make men anxious on their first dates include:


Best London Dating Site Free Tips



Nature dictates that ladies will always have better looks than men. Whereas ladies have curvy and softer bodies that have always been considered a perfect work of art since the biblical times, men on the other hand don’t necessarily have shapes that can be described in a particular way. Besides the amorphous body shapes, men are naturally practical, hairy and may sometimes ooze funny masculine smells. Not that a woman may have any problem with a man’s masculinity, in fact most of them enjoy it, but sometimes such masculine features might be a source of anxiety in men.

Some men might feel funny or think that they look too intimidating to the fragile-looking ladies. The point is, if you are a man with a receding hairline, a patchy beard and a protruding pot belly and you are going to meet a sexy girl for the first time, chances are you might feel a bit nervous when you think that she is too hot for you.




Men are known to be highly visual animals. That is why when looking for girls to date, looks come first before anything else and this can easily cloud one’s judgment. One of the reasons why men want to go for a date with a lady is to try to know the lady better and decide whether or not her personality matches her looks. Therefore, on that first date, men might be a bit nervous that your personality might not turn out to be what they expected.



Get England Dating Sites Free Tips on How to Avoid First-Date Nerves




The easiest way to beat the first-date nerves is to remain optimistic, yet open-minded. If you manage to remain relaxed and keep any heightened expectations under control, then you are likely to have a pleasant first date. Most England dating sites free tips emphasise that the aim of your first date should be to simply have fun and enjoy your partner’s company as much as you can. Constant worry about the impression that you might be making or being unnecessarily hard on yourself will only spoil your date. You can easily miss the point of a first date, which should be about enjoying yourself and reaching a conclusion whether you would want to see the other person again.



Let your first date be during the daytime, probably over lunch or even coffee. This will make it less formal and ease the pressure. As much as you would like to look your best, you should avoid obsessing about things that you can’t change about your looks. This can only increase your anxiety and end up spoiling your date.



In order to calm your nerves, you can try out some relaxation techniques such as taking a relaxing bath. However, the ultimate cause of our nervousness is in our mind. If you manage to control your thoughts, then you are good to go. Perhaps lowering your expectations, but still remaining hopeful can work and might be the best approach, especially if you are really looking forward to converting your first date into a relationship. Remember that you might actually need more than one first-date before you finally find someone that you are compatible with.