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How to Seduce a Woman and Make Her Want You

Jul 8, 2018

How to Seduce a Woman and Make Her Want You


Most men find themselves in a tricky situation whereby they don’t know exactly what to do to make a woman they are badly into fall for them. This is especially complicated when, as a man, you feelthat it is about time you made that crucial move of taking things to the physical level. At this point in time, attention can be your biggest friend or enemy.


Clear the Uncertainty


Whenever you are into a woman, there is that feeling of closeness that develops over time as you get to know each other better. However, it very important to be sure that these feelings of closeness are mutual, lest you be imagining your own things.

If you are keen enough, you can easily tell whether a woman’s feelings for you are as strong as what you feel for her. You can notice from the way she looks at you, when she thinks you are not looking; from the way her voice becomes tender whenever she talks to you, either face to face or over the phone; orthe way she enjoys your company and laughs to all your jokes even those that you think aren’t funny.

To most men, even after all these subtle cues, it still becomes tricky for them to make that first physical move. In most cases, this uncertainty and nervousness comes from the subconscious fear of rejection. Nothing deflates a man’s ego like when he makes that first physical move and it is crossly rejected with a risk of losing the woman for good. Therefore, most men would rather be fully sure before they make that move.

Such men are always torn between several questions such as: “Should I just grab her, without warning, and kiss her then see what her reaction will be?” Or “Should I put my arm around her waist and touch her gently, then watch her reaction?

It is normal for most men to hesitate when the time to take things to the physical stage arrives. As much as most men are risk takers, it always doesn’t feel good when the risk backfires; especially if that first attempt to kiss is rejected.

Most men know, through experience, that being too outright may overwhelm a woman and make her to draw back. This makes some men to be overly cautious with their moves, while trying to read every subtle signal from the woman in order to know whether she is indeed ready for seduction or not. Unfortunately, very slow moves can also be just as bad as making a fast and intimidating move. The timing needs to be just right and here is a clue.


How to Seduce a Woman and Make Her Want You


Smother Her with Enough Attention


Attention is a potent drug to women. It is a known fact that all women crave for attention since it gives them a sense of approval. The trick here is to give her the attention with the aim of somehow getting it back.If you genuinely give her the right attention, you are likely to begin talking nicely to you and this gives many a man some approval.

Approval makes both men and women feel important. However, it would be ill-advised to mistake attention for attraction. If a woman begins responding to your attention, it is not that she is necessarily attracted to you already. Sometimes, you might make this mistake and either confess your feelings to a woman too fast or even go ahead and try to make physical contact, forcing the her to draw back or get upset.

This can be a bit confusing, especially when the man thinks that all was going too well until he made a move. The big question in the man’s mind would be, “but why is she playing hard to get when she has actually been really enjoying my attention and seemed to love it?” The simple answer is: attention is not the same as attraction.

Attraction is a feeling that is normally more intense while attention is a bit superficial. Attraction makes us to really want something or someone no matter what. Think ofattraction as a fire while attention is a breeze that fans the fire. When a breeze gently fans a fire, the fire blazes more. However, too much or too little breeze might make the fire to go out.

Always bear in mind that when seducing a woman, the ultimate decision remains hers. She should finally make up her mind that she wants it and she will let it happen. You should therefore let things move at her own pace and keep fanning the fire. Let her to gradually get attracted to you until she can’t help it.

When you are too quick to confess your feelings of undying love to her or you go ahead to suffocate her with too much attention, you are likely going to kill the fire of attraction and you may put her off instead of drawing her closer to yourself. So you must know when to stop and even withdraw a bit. You must be a master of reverse psychology.


Don’t Be Too Cheap; Nobody Wants Things That Come Cheap


Getting something so easily instantly kills the strong desire to really have it. Human nature is that, we always develop very strong desires for things that we can’t easily have. Anything that seem unattainable to us triggers a very strong desire in us and soon that thing turns into something really special to us. If we can’t have it but it is always in our sight, we shall want it even more.

Most men are wired to think that it is only women who are supposed to play hard to get. However, the truth is; even men can play this trick. Think of a situation where a very gorgeous woman gives you lots of attention, but whenever you try to take things to the next level, she withdraws and keeps her distance from you!

Funny enough, she confuses you even more by coming back to you again and again. Your mind can’t help it but conjure images of her and you. You feel even more attracted to her because she seems to challenge you by playing hard to get.

Now, this is the secret; men can turn such reverse psychology around and use it to their own advantage. Just remember that anything that we don’t have or can’t easily have, we develop a strong desire for.

Here is the thing; smother the woman with attention so that her mind begins conjuring images of you and her so that she almost feels how it would be like for you to be together. Then, suddenly, cleverly and gradually withdraw the attention you that you smothered her with. But, while at it, don’t be arrogant, aloof or nasty with her. Just let her miss it a little.

You can never go wrong on this. If she really wants you, she will bring herself to you and ensure you know that she is here for you. All the attention you gave her will be given back to you in double doses. It might sound a bit brutal but it works miracles guys.