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Things to Remember For Lasting Love, Sex and Partnership

Apr 27, 2017

Things to Remember For Lasting Love, Sex and Partnership


Most of us always remember the spicy and romantic moments with a new person. Everyone comes as a new person in life when we share our special moments and moves with him. Whether it is about a girl or boy, love and sex are interesting for everyone. There is no need to explain the importance of love, sex and partnership in life because everyone knows and experiences it. Love and sex are like a fire which burns with the oil of energy and youth. With the passage of time, this passion reduces as the energy subsides.


What makes a monotonous sex life?


Well, it is very important to focus on the reasons and factors making our love and sex life humdrum. It is very common that people start to feel boring and tired after a few months or years of a relationship. Basically, it is the right time when you need counseling to protect your relationship. Now you have to see everything in your partner and there is nothing hidden from you. Both of you know about the good and bad habits of each other so it is better to make steps to strengthen the relationship. Here are some important points to explain what makes a love and sex life humdrum.







How to maintain your love and sex life?


How to maintain your love and sex life?


This question is interesting because you have to take some steps in order to protect your love and sex life. Remember, counseling and consultancy work for severe conditions. It is recommended to take steps before this stage comes. You can easily motivate your life partner for a healthy love and sexual life by using simple steps as given below.


Always be true and honest:


The very first and important thing about a successful love and sex life is trust and honesty. Partners who are true and honest with their friends or mates always enjoy the beauty of life. On the other hand, if you are cheating your partner in any aspect then there will be troubles in the future. Remember, you can’t hide your wrong deeds for long so there will be a judgment day ahead if you don’t stop.


Take care of your partner:


Whether you are a girl or boy, you should understand the feelings of your partner. It is not necessary to have a romantic session thrice a day. You should differentiate between reality and fantasy. Watching adult movies has changed the concept of love and sex. Don’t try to hurt your partner during sex because this will destroy the pleasure you have to gain.


Always respect your partner:


Everyone needs respect. Don’t be overactive while having fun with your friend. You need to control your emotions in a better way. Try to convince the partner of a new thing in a requesting way rather than imposing your thoughts forcefully. Don’t ask for something that is against the wishes of your mate.


Do whatever you can do:


Love, sex and partnerships depend on different things. It is not all about sharing a bed at night. You need to be responsive in other activities. For example, you should fulfill the important requirements of life such as accommodation, dressing, makeup, lifestyle and social presence. All these things combine to make your love and sex life more appreciable.


Go outside for enjoyment:


A routine sex life at home with daily activities, kids and games will not afford many options for love. You will need to find new ways for enjoyment. Your sex partner is expecting to have a different choice for future. Sharing a bed at home for hundreds of times will make it a compulsory routine. Why don’t you go outside this time? Try a new hotel in a pleasant valley. You can organize a tour to famous destinations in order to give a small break to your business routines. Enjoy this time with your partner and forget all the worries.


Redecorate your home:


Girls always love renovation and decoration. Let them do this so they can change the scene. Having love and sex at home with the same scenes, again and again, will not create something attractive. You need a new view in order to enjoy the love and sex. Focus on the bedroom only if you can’t afford renovating the entire house.


Find out what you really need:


Love and sex is a broad term having so many things in it. You are not required to be limited with a certain position or act. Try to discover the things present in your mind and explain them. Your partner would be happy if you tell them about these things. On the other hand, it is also recommended to ask your partner about their wishes. This will give you a chance to motivate the love and sex life in a better way.


Try a new move:


Life always requires a new move. There is no need to stick to conventional practices. Love and sex also requires new things. Trying new things in the bedroom would not be a bad idea. Couples with an established relationship always feel more comfortable when they decide to do something new. Don’t force your partner for change if he or she is not ready for it. Give time to your partner so they can make a choice.


Never ignore problems in sex:


Sexual problems (with a boy or girl) should not be ignored. It is strongly recommended to pay attention towards the sexual problems you face. Your sexual problems are no longer a secret for your partner. Don’t try to keep it secret because it would be dangerous. For example, if you are facing erectile dysfunction then you should find the proper medication for it. Say thanks to medicine companies in the country allowing the people to learn about sexual problems and their solutions.