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Tips for Men: How to Choose a Wife

May 4, 2019

Tips for Men: How to Choose a Wife


There is absolutely no doubt that marriage is a wonderful thing. Nothing can rival that feeling you have after you get that special person that you can finally settle down and spend the rest of your life with. As a man, it is understood that you may not get all the qualities that you are looking for in a wife, neither can you share all the life interests with your partner.

What makes marriage a special union is the ability of two people to fully relish in the common interests that they have, while respecting each other’s unique interests. This entails accepting the other person the way they are.

Most men fear getting into marriage because of the myriad challenges they have heard those who are already married go through. Choosing the right wife right from the onset can save you a lot of trouble and probably prevent your marriage from possibly ending in divorce. For starters, it is important for men to understand that women are quite different in the way they think and what they do.

The way women love and the way they hurt is totally different from how men do. It is therefore important for men to take time to learn how their women think and how they react to different situations; their upbringing, and their values. It is also important for you as a man to know who exactly you are. As a matter of fact, the kind of woman you end up marrying will determine whether your marriage will last or not. However, mutual respect is also paramount in any marriage.

Below are top ten tips to help men when it comes to choosing a wife.


  1. Is She Attractive To You?

Attractiveness doesn’t necessarily have to be about physical looks only. Are you really drawn to the woman that you are interested in? Does her smile and dimples make your heart melt? Does her humor leave you in stiches? She doesn’t necessarily have to be a perfect bombshell, but there should be something special about the woman, that goes beyond the external that pulls you to her like a magnet and makes you think that she is perfect wife material.


  1. Do You Have Similar Beliefs And Interests?

The woman you are planning to marry as your wife should have the same interests and beliefs as yours. However, this shouldn’t mean that she can’t have her own unique interests; only that you should have more in common. As much as it is understandable to, once in a while, have differing opinions in marriage; it is always important that you agree on pertinent issues like family, finances, children and sex. If you can have a candid discussion on these issues before marriage, the better it will be for both of you.


  1. What Kind Of Upbringing Did She Get?

She should be one who has been brought up in a loving environment with strong values as well as an appreciation of what family life is. She should be well-mannered, love her parents and respect other people. If she is rude, vulgar, condescending, overly moody, quarrelsome and generally short-tempered; that is not wife material. This kind of wife will make your life miserable.


  1. Has She Accomplished Anything Significant Or Is She Ambitious In Life?

A good wife material should have at least some accomplishments before you come into the picture. Go for someone who has goals and ambitions in life that transcend just wanting to get married. A good education comes in handy here. This is a person who can be able to engage you in discussions covering diverse topics, not one who will suffocate you with cheap gossip.


  1. Does She Have Some Sense Of Humor?

Life in marriage shouldn’t be about kids, work and career only. Marriage should come with a healthy measure of laughter. Marrying a woman who is always sulky and depressed can make your life so miserable. Laughter is the best medicine and a wife who can give you lots of that is a rare gem.


How to Choose a Wife


  1. Go For A Wife Who Is Younger than You

Is has been said that while men marry down, women marry up. It is advisable to go for a lady who is younger than you. For instance, if you are 34, let the lady be around 24 years old. In any case, ladies are known to age faster due to the pressure of child-bearing and as a man grows older, he would want a beautiful companion by his side.


  1. Give The Career Obsessed Woman A Wide Berth

Most of the women who are too obsessed with their career progression are always reluctant to settle and hesitant to begin families. They will normally have strong disagreements on what the woman’s motherly roles should be in the family and will always try to compete for superiority, both at the workplace and at home. However, not all career women are unable to make good wives. However, if the focus is so much on her career, she will definitely not have enough time to do motherly chores such as cooking for the family as well as attending to the kids and her husband.


  1. She Should Honor You

In most cases, a lady who is younger than you will adore and admire you. She finds it easy to deeply love and respect you. Marrying a woman who has no respect for you is a disaster.


  1. Marry A Virtuous Woman

Don’t go for the party girl who can hardly wait for the weekend for her to soak in alcohol all night long. A woman who is respectful, doesn’t drink or does occasionally is the best for you. Having an alcoholic for a wife might be the worst experience for any man. The more sober she is the better.


  1. Does She Really Love You?

Love is undoubtedly the best ingredient in any marriage. They say that real love conquers all. It is the true love that she has for you that can sustain the marriage when it hits turbulent waters. Love should not just be on the lips. True love is expressed more through action than through mere words. Does she accept you just the way you are? Does she fully support your aspirations in life? Does she comfort you when you are sick and whenever you are going through hard times? If the answer to this question is in the affirmative, then you found a wife material and she loves definitely loves you.