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Online Dating – Start Your Romance Today

Sep 16, 2018

Online Dating – Start Your Romance Today


Are you single and looking for a date, friend or even love? is where you can look for dating, friends and love online. If you are a woman looking for dates, do see if the man in question is said to be a safe hookup. If you have been able to verify that there is no criminal records or any of these police reports, then you have a good chance of a safe date. A safe date is important for you and your loved ones safety.

Dating advice is important to know, so you can avoid dangerous situations, such as stalking and other suspicious behavior. For first safety steps, is have a car, or taxi, or even friends call you before you go out so this can be a “marker” for when you leave. Also, have them, or even you call friends back when you get back so they know that you are safe, as when you originally left for the date.

Also having a person to call to pick you up if things are not going well will also be helpful in sticky situations, such as if you are suspicious or otherwise having any problems that cannot be resolved by you on your own. This is an additional safety “feature” to have available to you should things “go south”.

Let your friends or loved ones know, if possible, where you are going, both for security and safety reasons. If anything happens in these cases, they will know where you went, if the need arises for this. Hopefully it won’t. Knowing where you’ve gone is a very important first step if they need to find you for some unforeseen circumstance. has other articles to help you find the right date too, not to mention best practices. It is smart to find all the advice possible before participating in online dating so you will know the in,s and outs of online dating. Knowing what works, what people have found to work and what doesn’t improves your safety and risk management.

It is also best to see if your date will work out by trying to discover common ground, so you will be able to see eye to eye much better. Rather than just proximity and looks, do see if you can see a common ground, such as fishing, hobbies or sports that you may both like together. A common ground is far more conducive to love than just going by looks alone.

If you do find a common ground, then you could use them, as well for future dates, such as going to a ball game, or motocross, for example. Things like painting or walks can also be a lower cost date, if you are saving cash for special events, or else just need to save for any reason. The only caution is forcing yourself to like a hobby or activity when you truly do not care for it. That is where things can go very wrong.


Online Dating – Start Your Romance Today


It is of less consequence, image wise to have a sexy person if you do have no common ground. Image is not everything at all, no matter how the general world sells it. Real love is found when you have some common ground to nurture your relationship. The more common ground increases the chance of love occurring and possible marriage, if this does become the case.

With common ground between you, it helps your chances of connecting to each other. This helps you to connect and grow into a real relationship when common ground is present. This is the real benefits of a common ground that cannot be had with looks alone.

If the person is a good catch, they will project value on you without the filler and fluff of the “mass market kind of love, commonly sold at the front checkout of shops. They will value you in such a way that love has to bloom if they do value you for who you are, and not necessarily what you look like.

When you do get started with online dating, do tweak your profile to include hobbies and things you like, because this permits you to find others with like interests. Also, do look for others who like what you like, as well to increase your chances of love in dating online.

Online dating can be hard if you meet people on just looks and not on interests. Interests that are very similar can be one of the best things you can do when you date. Looks cannot be everything. If interests are alike and the person looks good, then it is an additional bonus, unlike what the world tries to “sell” you. Common interests are the real bread and butter of successful dating online.

If you do look glamorous, that is an additional, and not to be expected as a default appearance, as seen in your local tabloids. Being clean and well groomed always helps, as usual and clean clothes is a real boost in itself. Looking like a regular person, and not all glamorous is also OK, as it does put pressure to people to always look extremely tabloid-worthy every day. If you are naturally like that, then it is an additional bonus.

Most people may not look tabloid-worthy, but are clean and presentable, often who they are with no wild modifications or anything massively outstanding. What is really the need in relationships is a common ground as looks alone have zero guarantees in love at all. Surface view may or may not work out, but, no common ground, less chance for a real meaningful relationship.

What really works out in relationships is a common ground, before looks. Common ground assures, more likely, that you will fall in love with the person for who they are. This is the meat and potatoes of a relationship. The looks are really the dessert course of a rounded relationship. Great relationships will truly be enjoyed should you find common ground.