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The Essence of Quality Dating Reviews and Best Online Dating Apps

Dec 14, 2017

The Essence of Quality Dating Reviews and Best Online Dating Apps


According to dating is one aspect of life that has undergone a very interesting metamorphosis over the years. Some decades back, people could only communicate through letters which took days or even weeks to reach their intended recipient. This means that it took so long for two people who were interested in each other to set up a date. Thanks to the rapid advancement of information technology, dating has now almost completely gone digital. Right from the first hook-up to deciding the very first face to face date and to taking the relationship to another level, digital technology now plays a very vital role in the way people communicate and bond with their partners in the process of dating.


In the fast-paced modern world where people increasingly have to deal with very busy schedules, meeting a partner online has become one of the most convenient and preferred means of people meeting their significant other. It is for this very reason that several dating sites are now available to users and some more are being launched on a weekly basis. However, the sheer number of dating sites in operation nowadays makes it quite difficult to choose the most reliable of them all. This is where quality dating reviews come in handy.


Dating Reviews


While a number of dating sites might ostensibly be designed for particular audiences, there are still numerous online dating sites which claim to offer the best dating services that there is. This fact makes many people who are interested in dating online to keep jumping from one site to another, or they are forced to simultaneously operate several profiles in a number of online dating sites. Consequently, they might not be in a position to offer their full attention to one prospective partner for long. The danger of having to deal with so many options is an eventual loss of focus that might put you through a never-ending trail of trial and error pursuits that might be very frustrating. This may leave one wondering whether it is ever possible to find a partner online.


Coming to think of it, digital dating doesn’t have to be such an overwhelming affair. Finding the best online dating review site will solve your dilemma once and for all. In such a site, you can get the much-needed tips on how to go about the business of online dating as well as get to know the most reliable online dating sites that you can try out. is one of the best such sites. Here, you can also get the best tips on some of the latest online dating apps that you can make use of in order to make your dating work easier.


Picking the Best Online Dating App


Some people think that going for the latest and most glamorous online dating app will help them much faster. However, the best approach to picking the most reliable app for online dating is simply taking your sweet time to weigh up your options and understand what your objectives are. Below are some of the best dating apps in terms of the ease of use, quality of customer service as well as the kind of people you are likely to interact with on them. You definitely can’t miss any of the following in the best review sites.


                      Best Online Dating Apps


Tinder is the in-thing for most kids nowadays. It’s arguably the biggest thing to grace the online dating landscape since “You Got Mail.” Having started as a “hook-ups-only” app, it has since evolved into a more elaborate dating app. Tinder places your photos front and centre as well as accords you a small space where you can write a brief profile about yourself. However, for people who may not like having their photos as the main parameter for judging them; more traditional sites, where one is allowed to write a more detailed profile, might come in handy.


Match, OkCupid and Zoosk are your quintessential traditional dating websites. As much as they may appear too bland and not attractive to most people from the younger generation, they offer users an opportunity to write long paragraphs on one’s dreams, hopes, fantasies and interests as well as allow them to upload as many photos as possible. Each one of the three comes with millions of members besides full-fledged apps that can be downloaded on Android and iOS.


For people who are public figures and wouldn’t want their dating profiles to appear all over the internet, and they are interested in meeting people of the same class; Te League and Raya come quite in handy. The League is specifically meant with very picky people who set out very high standards. It needs one to sign in with LinkedIn and Facebook, in order to eliminate the possibility of setting you up with work colleagues or friends, and one can set super-specific criteria. Due to the thorough vetting process, fake profiles are very rare to come by here.


Raya is even stricter when it comes to joining. Getting in is no mean task since you have to fully convince its doorkeepers beyond any reasonable doubt. The app’s elaborate vetting process comprises of sharing of one’s Instagram account and securing a recommendation from an insider who is already using the app. It would be extremely difficult to get in without such a recommendation from the inner circles.


Faith and religion are a big factor for many people when it comes to looking for a partner to date online. It becomes easier to interact with a person with whom you share the same beliefs. Some of the most prominent religion-based apps include CDate which is available on iOS and mainly used by Christians; Minder, which is mainly used by Muslims and also available on iOS, and JSwipe which is mostly used by people of the Jewish faith and is available on both Android and iOS. All the three apps need users to log into their Facebook accounts, though money of them will share their users’ dating details on social media.


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